Fourie’s in Los Angeles – Week 2

Week 2 (and a bit)

We are officially through the first week and a bit and have now been enjoying the second week where we are getting accustomed to the time zones and the different ways that the Los Angeles people do things and go about their daily business. An interesting fact whilst I compile this update is the fact that the driving in Los Angeles is suprisingly worse than I thought it was and there is less law and order than I thought. This is due to a lack of police force which stems from the anti police movement. Coming from Johannesburg I would suspect that anyone thinking of America and more narrowly Los Angeles would think, first world country with a lot going for itself and fewer problems, however we must remember that this is not the case and I hope this is an encouragement to anyone preaching the gospel in any city or town in the world. All people are lost until they come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

This week Kelly and I continued our learning of church operation, the logging of input and output in what the church receives and spends, the checking system (yes America still uses cheques) and I am also busy compiling an updated list of contacts for myself and for Kelly of the brothers and sisters here at Sun Valley Community Church (SVCC). I obviously want to get to know them more, walk closely with them and bring them the love of Jesus Christ and truths in the gospel until eternal life. I praise the Lord for what He has done at SVCC over the last 13 years since this building was bought and renovated, a place where people can come and hear the word of God and share in His goodness. On a separate matter, as many of you know, when we were in South Africa we hosted a few Bible studies which we have now reconciled into one evening, hosted on Tuesday mornings Los Angeles time [9:00 AM] and [19:00 PM] South Africa time. The time difference is taking some getting used to with regards to keeping contact but the Lord has been gracious as always in helping us and you adjust accordingly 😊.  

Technology has also made this transition much easier, and has still made it possible to host and have Bible study even though we are the better part of 16,000 kilometres from home. At SVCC we have been blessed by the preaching through the book of Hebrews and Anton has done a great job in leading us through Chapter 11 [the magna carta of Faith] at the moment, a chapter which has much substance and many unseen nuggets, things that might be missed, were one to simply scroll over the text. I am excited and blessed to start preaching on Thursday evenings (on and off) starting in the book of James. I love the book of James and the way he gives us much truth, hitting the solar plexus unrestrainingly. The Holy Spirit can work powerfully through this book and prayerfully I hope  that many lost and many Christ followers are refined in their walks with the Lord in all wisdom, knowing the Lord Jesus more, showing others as those who love God Almighty how to live their lives in a practical, edifying and glorifying manner. I want to thank everyone and covet your prayers for strength, encouragement and continual reliance on the Lord Jesus Christ.

I thank our Father in heaven from whom all good gifts flow and in whom there is no partiality or shadow or variation of turning. This week has been a super week and Kelly and I have been spending much time with Anton and Ina, not only hearing abouth the history of Sun Valley Community Church but also that of Burbank Community Church which is where Anton was called approximately 20 years ago. We are based in Sun Valley in Los Angeles county and the church building is pictured below. It is amazing to see how many of the youngsters then are now adults in the same congregation serving the Lord and wanting to know Him more.

My closing encouragement for this week is that we ought to remember that the Lord is on His throne, that His mercies endure forever and that He is the Faithful, Just, and True, the One who saves to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them!

Shalom and God Bless!

6 comments on “Fourie’s in Los Angeles – Week 2

  1. Colin says:

    Love your bloggs. Please send links to youtube sermons and bible study teachings. Shalom.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you Jeandré & Kelly! It’s a beautiful church. Thanks for sharing.. Enjoy!
    God bless you, Anton & Ina and the SVCC body of believers 🙏🏼 🥰

  3. Nic Venter says:

    Mooi man! Ons bly bid vir julle. Die Here seën julle ryklik.

  4. Claire Brayshaw says:

    Thank you for the letter. I was wondering how you are doing there. LA is very different, I thought, and the driving is definitely a challenge to get used to. I always felt sea sick when driving 😂😂
    Glad to hear the Lord has blessed you in so many ways and that He has helped to connect you with your Bible study again. Remember though that the time changes with the season 🙏🏻
    Blessings to Kelly

  5. John and Julie Leo says:

    So good to hear from you Jeandre and Kelly. We pray for you both… Miss you this end…. Love and blessings John and Julie

  6. Sisandz says:

    Thanks friend for these posts, and sharing your journey… you write so well. Keeping you in our prayers always. Grace and peace be with you

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