Fourie’s in Los Angeles – Week 3 & 4

First up I must say since our last blog contact that we have had a very eventful ten days and obviously a blessed one at that too! To everyone reading this back home we have to confess that we were in Johannesburg. Please don’t be upset and offended but our time was limited and we could not make enough time to visit everybody. The only difference being that we were in the Mojave Desert around 16,000 kilometres from home in a small gold mining town called Johannesburg. There are three towns here that are closely situated together and are either gold or silver mines. Interestingly, the names Johannesburg and Randsburg were the names of two of the town’s that Anton and Ina took us too. Now, these towns were established by South Africans who were goldminers. These miners named these towns and streets after their escapades in searching for gold. The one street in Johannesburg was called Oompaul street and no further explanation is needed as to where this name comes from. 

From where we are in Sun Valley Los Angeles to the small towns of Johannesburg an Randsburg is about a two hour drive. On our way there we stopped in a city called Lancaster where we visited a brother in Christ who recently started a small fellowship in his house (subsequently moving it into to the garage) out on the plot areas where we introduced ourselves and will hopefully be a support to one another in the ministry. Interestingly, the weather in Johannesburg and the sorrounding desert areas in winter are a lot cooler than LA. Johannesburg and Randsburg are surprisingly still occupied but only really coming alive at festivals and town meets. Anton ended up showing us one or two properties that he knows and whilst we were reversing and just looking at the various properties (by the way most people have hoarding issues) this random lady started shouting at us telling us to “mind our own business” and “get out of here”. I’m trying to paint this picture as well as possible so that you can laugh as much as what we did, although I must be honest we were a bit scared as she seemed as if though she could attack us at any time, bury us and dipsose of us (ha ha)!. We packed a picnic basket and had a lunch in Randsburg where we met a guy by the name of Justin who was cleaning the picnic area and ablution blocks and we ended up talking about what he gets up to, where we are from, what we do, as well asking him if he knew who the Lord was. We also saw the history behind “Kelly silver Mine” below …

Back in Sun Valley Los Angeles my preparation started for our Thursday night Bible study where I was blessed to be able to start and share from the book of James (click here to follow the messages in the playlist), looking at a very practical view of the Christian life, trying to get as much out of the scriptures with regards to wisdom and how it benefits those who desire to seek the Lord, serve the Lord, and worship the Lord. The most compelling scripture out of the first eleven verses in chapter one was where the double minded man is clearly unstable in all his ways. It is important for us to note and to keep track of the fact that when we come to the Lord we come in faith trusting in His capabilities and not our frailties, thereby handing over everything to Him so that He can look like His children to the lost, those who have placed their faith in the atoning work of the cross of Calvary and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Saturday morning we went for breakfast with a brother from church whose name is Clay. He is originally from Louisiana and has in the last two years come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and what is very encouraging is that he loves the Lord and wherever he goes he talks about God Almighty’s mercies and grace, always seeking to share the gospel. We ended up going to a place called ‘andwaffles’ in North Hollywoood where Kelly had a Nutella pancake for breakfast and I had a crumbed chicken breast waffle as per the pics below which contrary to popular belief was delicious. I personally would have frowned on this before but take it from me it is well worth it, with a bit of cream and a bit of Maple syrup. P.S. I hope this doesn’t ruin the friendship! We then drove around Burbank, North Hollywood, Van Nuys and Glendale. One thing about Los Angeles is that even though it is winter time the weather is beautiful and the mountain views exquisite.

On Sunday we had a blessed meeting as we continued through Hebrews 11 specifically looking at Sarah and the faithfulness of God. I would encourage you to click on any of the Images below which will take you to the link where you can subscribe to our YouTube channel as we are currently going through a few very good series which I trust will not only be edifying to us as brothers and sisters but also glorifying to almighty God. Regarding the church working operations we still continue to learn everyday and Kelly is well and working hard at getting to know the various Ins and outs of Sun Valley Community Church. I recently spoke to Gustavo who if you remember in the first blog article was invited to church and he is not doing well and is ill so please continue to pray for him that he joins us at Sun Valley. We are also waiting for Richard his branch manager to join us and what is also encouraging is that when Kelly and I went to Walmart we spoke to Scott about the Lord who was brought up in an Independent fundamental Baptist (IFB) Church but the folk who work at the various stores and outlets are restricted from speaking about the Lord so please pray for them too.  

Nonetheless I do trust that our quick two-minute discussion with Scott was a blessing! A little while later we managed to share my testimony with Saul who was really encouraged and asked me if I was on tv (ha ha). I’m not too sure why he asked this question but we trust that the Lord continues to work in his heart as he seeks to know the living God. This week we partook in our first thanksgiving in America which is nothing short of a massive occasion and holiday. We we blessed to share in a meal with the fellowship and we also took a drive out to Long Beach, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Beverley Hills and Rodeo Drive. On a very important note some of the folk are quite sick due to flu and various viruses so please pray for the fellowship and everybody at Sun Valley Community Church and never forget to pray for Kelly and I and Anton and Ina. Little Samson at SVCC who is 2 years old is an absolute fighter and has struggled with his health since he was born. He is battling with his breathing so please pray for him!

Lastly, we were blessed by the Ullman’s (Paul and Lynn) who are friends of the fellowship who welcomed us with a gift, a tapestry of a crooss, truly beautiful and such a blessing!

As we wrap this week up I would love to share from James 1:2-4, “my brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing”.

May the Lord be blessed and glorified as we continue the work of the ministry.


6 comments on “Fourie’s in Los Angeles – Week 3 & 4

  1. RITA BRENO says:

    Thank you for sharing love reading about all your adventures on the other side of the world very encouraging and may the Lord bless you and Kelly abudently and continue doing Gods work. I love and miss you both. SHALOM🙏❤️

  2. Bev Smith says:

    Oh Jeandre and Kelly, you two are so GOD blessed. We thank the Lord for you both and for the leadership and support given to you by Anton and Ina. I pray for Samson and all those who are in need of healing. We trust that the work you are doing is blessed. Miss you both and not slightly miffed that you did not visit us in Johannesburg or Randsburg. You are forgiven. (:

  3. Colin says:

    How wonderful. I love reading your Blogg. It seems that Clay is attached to the vine, unlike so many of us born again believers who get so busy that we find little or no time to dig into the Word and receive God’s blessings . I want to share two amazing insights I have received from the Spirit through abiding. They are paradigm shifts of tectonic proportions (for me) .
    Back to LA. Will definitely continue to keep SVCC in my prayers and trust in the Lord that Anton snd You and the body over there will make a huge impact through the revelation/manifesting /expressing of the abiding love of God in your lives.
    O Lord please use little Samson for your glory and bless Him with health that will glorify You.
    Cheers Boet .
    There is only One God
    There is only One Salvation
    There is only Jesus
    Acts 4:12

  4. Stewart Spies says:

    Hi Jeandre, thanks for the update. Lucky you survived the old lady😂. Had a good chuckle.

    God bless

  5. Sharon says:

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing your adventures and witness with us. I love reading them and feel as if I’m almost right there with you.
    Miss you & Kelly more than you can imagine although I’m of course só happy for you guys and know you’re exactly where God wants you!
    Must say LA looks good on both of you 🤗
    Little Samson, Jelly, Anton & Ina, you are in our loving thoughts & prayers ❤️

  6. John and Julie Leo says:

    Lovely to hear from you….. New one… Crumbed chicken on maple syrup waffle … 🤔😁

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