Psalm 36 – The Perfections of God deliver man from His wickedness

Please open your Bible to Psalm 36. in this message we will look at a few things that David pointed out for us and how it is applicable in our context. In verses 1-4 and 11 and 12 we will see that David talks about the polluted the profane and the proud. David then helps us understand his view of a merciful God and his pious pursuit of the Almighty, in other words his reverential awe for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Thirdly we will look at the fact that God preserves, and He promises. This means that God preserves in this context through delivering, and by that delivering brings about salvation. Within God’s salvation we will look at the seven I am statements within God’s preservation and what God’s promises through Jesus Christ mean to the Christ follower and born-again believer. These statements that Jesus makes are salvific statements and eternal statements that only God in the flesh can make and promise. Lastly, we will look at the fact that we can take Pleasure in the perfections of the great I Am. may the Lord Jesus bless you

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